How do you hold pee for long amounts of time

Monday, October 28, 2019

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You can try distracting and refocusing your mind, and you can make several physical adjustments to help reduce your feelings of discomfort. You can also, over time, retrain your bladder to better hold in urine for longer periods. You should also stay as still as possible, as movement can put pressure on your bladder. Instead of thinking about how much you need to use the toilet, try to focus on your breathing, which will help distract you. You can also repeat a mantra in your head or count backwards from 99 to keep your attention away from your bladder. For more tips from our Medical co-author, including how to train your bladder so you can pee less often, read on!
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Long story....daughter Holding Urine for Long Periods of Time

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Long storydaughter Holding Urine for Long Periods of Time - Mamapedia™

My almost 3 year old daughter is holding her urine in for unbelievable amounts of time. Saturday she didn't go for 24 hours and today it had been 26 hours since she went. For the past 3 weeks, she has been complaining that her "bo bo" hurts and was crying every time she peed. Most days she was holding it for hours or we were lucky to get her to go once a day. I think it started as a control, stubborn thing because she wants to wear a diaper and then I started worrying that it had turned into something more serious. I took her to the dr.
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Is It Safe to Hold Your Pee?

What happens when you hold your pee for a long time? Holding in large amounts of urine for an extended period of time also exposes your body to potentially harmful bacteria, which can increase your chances of getting a urinary tract infection UTI or bladder infection. He descended into delirium and died soon after when his entire bladder burst.
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Skip to content. I was wondering if people can die from not going pee. How long can a person go without peeing and, if they cross that line, then what will happen? Also, can you get a blood infection from ignoring a bladder infection?
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